Friday, October 1, 2010

Pop quiz: Atheists and agnostics score better then those who consider themselves religious

Pop quiz: Atheists and agnostics score better then those who consider themselves religious

In recent articles on ABC and Fox there have been articles discussing the fact that Christians may be less aware of their religious views that athiests, mormons, and Jews. The questions that it begs of all of us is do I really believe what I say that I beleive? So often as I have conversations with believers I am amazed at how strongly people "defend" their beliefs and yet can rarely discuss the "why" behind what they beleive. We have seen this trend going on for a while as Americans and Christians suffer from a growing and dangerous level of Biblical illiteracy. Today, more than ever, we as Christians need to be grounded in the basic foundational principles of the Christian faith. Just as important is that we must be able to live these principles out. As a sermon I heard today put it "rarely does someone reject Christ but most often they are rejecting the Christians who claim Christ but their lives don't match up with what Christ has said." May we today live out what we believe and allow people to see Christ in the way we live our lives.

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Barrett Bailey said...

Amen, Chad this is such a Good Reminder of our Good Good Father and How we should strive to live a life in the spirit we have to wake up and choose to live as a Christian!! I Go straight to Luke 9:23. Thanks so much for the example you have set and they way you Lead your family it is such a Great example that I want to have for my own Family one day!

I tell so many stories all the time about the importance of scripture memory and You have done such a Great job teaching your kids to know it in there hearts from the scripture Psalms 119:11..

I remember the time you and your wife hosted an ice cream party at your house and I was so impressed when Milley was able to quote so much of the verses from memory.

Chad Thanks so Much for setting an example of what its like to BE a MAN of CHRIST!!

-Barrett Bailey